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Making Education Better
4 elementary students smiling at the camera
Helping Others
a group of students posing in front of Metrolina Food Bank truck after giving donations
STEM and Smiles!
two male students building a tower during a STEM challenge
Kindergarten Smiles!
two female students smiling and playing with play-doh
Tuttle Staff
group picture on the playground of tuttle elementary staff
Community Involvement
students with bicycle helmets from bandys fire department standing in front of fire department truck
Teamwork in Robotics
three male students working together on a robotics challenge

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Making Education Better

Your child's lifelong adventure in learning begins right here. They will meet new friends, learn from dedicated educators, and build the foundation for a world-class education.

As you get to know us, you will discover that we are passionate about making education better for our students. Our personalized approach to educating our students inspires them to discover their full potential in an environment that celebrates their individual strengths and empowers a community of learners.

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Cool feature alert! You can "subscribe" to the calendars that matter to you and have them automatically update your personal calendar when we add or change events. Have children in multiple schools? No problem! 

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PowerSchool is an easy to use, web-based student information system that helps keep everyone connected and informed about what is happening in the classroom. Students can keep up with assignments, parents can track their child's progress, and teachers can more easily share information about student progress with parents and students.

See Something? Say Something!

If you See Something, Say Something® is a national campaign used to help raise awareness to suspicious activity. We challenge staff and students, alike, to "have each other's back" and to anonymously report bullying, threats, or any suspicious activity that can place someone in danger.

Health & Safety

The physical and emotional safety of our students is critical to providing a best-in-class education. Click on the link below to learn about our building safety features, our vast team of School Resource Officers, our anonymous tip line for students, and more. You can also learn about our advanced cleaning and public health protocols to keep our staff and students healthy.

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